NewMags at it again, and Pac-12 MWC challenge?

Morning, Aggieland!

Here’s three items you’ll probably want to take notice of if you haven’t already…

1. New Mexico State players in the thick of it… again

Most Aggies remember the legal escapades of New Mexico State guard Jahmar Young. He was arrested and accused of attacking a police officer in 2010 and also was accused of exposing himself to a female student on the NMSU campus in 2007.

In 2011, a walk-on to the NMSU program was stabbed in a Las Cruces nightclub. Makhtar Diop and a woman were taken to a hospital on July 30, 2011 after suffering serious lacerations from a broken beer bottle in the club, Diop to his abdomen and the woman to her face.

Emery Coleman was released from jail after a year-long investigation into a vehicular homicide charge in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Apparently, Coleman was texting and driving in a K-mart parking lot in January 2012 (Doh!) and ran into a car being driven by an 85-year-old man. The man died, and Coleman did some time for it.

Watson has been implicated in an assault that took place at a Las Cruces party.

This year has not been a very good year for the Southern Aggies either.

Mulitple Las Cruces area  a man was assaulted at a party and named Tyrone Watson as the man who beat him half to death. (Beware if you follow that link… the images of the poor kid that got beat up are somewhat gruesome.) Apparently the victim doesn’t plan to press criminal charges against Watson, but he did file a criminal complaint with the University.

I would attempt to be witty, but I think the facts speak for themselves. Yikes.

2. Katz’s suggestion for a Pac-12/MWC challenge similar to the Big-10/ACC challenge.

While perusing the webs, I found one of Andy Katz’s 3-point shot articles on the Men’s College Basketball Nation blog. He suggests that the Pac-12 and the Mountain West should pursue a challenge event where teams from opposite conferences and play a home-and-away series. With the MWC moving to 12 teams this next year, this works out really easily.

Not only would it be good basketball conference-wide, but odds are that the Utes would be paired with the Aggies. Thus, the scheduling debacle that has reigned for the last few years will have ended and the basketball edition of the Battle of the Brothers will be restored. (Side note: I don’t expect Chris Hill to be to share my enthusiasm on the subject…)

3. My header image is fixed!

You’ll notice I’ve changed the header image to reflect the U-state logo. You’re welcome.

The latest from the desk of the DesNews sports CM is that all the blogs, not just this one, will soon have more regular posts from the Utah sports universe, including Utah and BYU and perhaps the Jazz as well.

Stay Classy, Aggies.



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