And then there were eight…

I almost feel weird sitting at my desk this morning. No breaking news. No unbearable stress. What a change of pace from last week, when we had five major stories break in Sports in the space of two and a half days.

But the week isn’t over yet… We’ll see how this one goes.

Obviously, I learned MedlinSanity officially became a passing trend for the 2012-13 hoops season yesterday just like most of Aggie nation. I went back and watched the last five minutes again of the NMSU game and couldn’t isolate exactly when the injuries occurred until I saw this report by KSL Sports on YouTube. I’ll wait while you have a watch.

Welcome back.

Those falls seem so unextraordinary to have cost the Aggies the two most extraordinary players on the team. Well, now what? Where to go from here?

Was it only a week ago that USU had rolled off 13 in a row and were looking like the team to beat in the WAC? Now, the Aggies look very different indeed. They only have eight players on their active roster. Six players who were on the roster at the beginning of the year either deserted the team or have gone down with injury. Let’s review, shall we?

This is the season of the injury bug. The upside is that Berger may (miraculously) return in a limited role sometime in February, and Matt Lopez is at least a warm body that can fill a roster spot and at best the next All-WAC big on the USU roster. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

I read what Matt Sonnenberg, perennial super-fan and co-creator of The Refraction, had to say over at the Sagebrush Spot about the Ewing Theory and all, and I recommend you give it a read too. Matt, ever the optimist, is right when he says that the team will need new focus and effort from everyone. No one can afford to take a game off anymore, mentally or physically.

The expectation for this team has now totally changed. Rather than dominate, all that Aggie fans can and should expect is 100 percent effort out of the final eight guys every night, and conversely, all the team can expect is 100 percent effort from every fan that attends every home game.

Of course, given the obstacles, every USU win from here on out just became that much more special. Let’s get it done, Aggies. It’s time for some Spectrum Magic.


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