Confidence is a fleeting thing…

In what I hope to become a regular thing here at the Aggies DNews blog, I’m going to make something of a generic statement on the state of the site as well as what our outstanding team has been focusing on. Given the news from all this last week, this shouldn’t be surprising.

The whole Manti Te’o thing is really crazy. Normally, I would struggle to believe that Te’o actually believed that a girl he had been dating for years from a distance did, indeed, exist. I can’t speak for every man, much less a Heisman finalist, but I can’t do long-distance relationships. Doing one for that long from that distance, never even getting to skype or anything, would have been a huge turnoff for me personally.

Yes, the reason for the lateness of this post in relation to the game is largely due to Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. (After typing that last name for the 50th time, I’m getting it down really well.) If you haven’t read my piece on that guy, do me a favor and read the first four paragraphs. It’s nuts. This whole thing is just weird…

Anyway, as for last night’s game…

Yesterday I was riding so high at the prospect of having, once again, an Aggie squad go 6-0 in conference. I was anticipating a grudge-match, a real close contest, hoping that USU would squeak out a win.

I was hoping that the Aggies would step up their game like Stew told everyone they’d have to in order to win.

I stopped watching last night’s debacle with five minutes remaining. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Sim Bhullar

You would think that a 7-5 center like Bhullar would be super slow and beatable. If you watched the game last night, you know that’s true. He is ostensibly overweight. He is slow. He is predictable. He is easy to get by on a drive to the hoop or with a double-move in the post.

He tore the Aggie big men to shreds.

It’s very clear that Jarred Shaw and Kyisean Reed like to play over the defender. When you’re tall like Shaw or have hops like Reed, you usually win, but not if the guy you’re playing against is 6 inches taller than you and weighs 50 pounds more than you.

With a big man like Bhullar, you have to fake him out and go underneath. You need to try and get him in the air off the dribble.

Time after time after time, they would make a move, and rather than cut back, they would try and finish it off over the top against Bhullar. Usually it ended with a block. Even when the Aggies did beat Bhullar off the dribble, they didn’t act quickly enough to break down NMSU’s D.

I am remembering a play when Marcel got a pass on the wing midway through the second half, and Bhullar was the only one within 15 feet of him. Of course, Bhullar charged. I waited for Marcel to drive… and waited… and waited. Finally he did, but by then the defense had time to recover for Bhullar’s slower-than-dirt feet. When Marcel finally did get around Bhullar, he met two NewMags and turned the ball over on a silly thread-the-needle pass.

I’ve been concerned all year that this team was playing worse than their record. It’s not like USU has beaten anyone with any sort of rapport. Last night’s game showed me that I was right. It can’t all be Medlin for this team to go anywhere… it has to be the team.

Players make plays. Players win games. Just like Stew said, the players are going to have to step it up.

I am saddened that there will be no sweep dance on this roadie…


  1. Jeremy

    Love what you are doing, but I have one request. Will you change the logo on the blog to the correct one?

    • Landon Hemsley

      Like I said in my last post, a lot of things on our blogs stink. I know that. I’m working to get it all changed.

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