Just a quick statement about DNews Sports Blogs, a look at St. Mary’s win last night, and tonight’s game vs. NMSU

Before I say what I want to say about tonight’s game, I want to make a general statement about the Deseret News sports blogs and this blog in particular.

It stinks. I know it stinks. I’m going to try to make it smell better.

I could give an extremely long and detailed answer as to why the blogs are in such a poor state, but let’s be realistic — you probably don’t care, for one, and I don’t have the time.

Since I have very little avenues for my own thoughts, I intend to post here more regularly. In Deseret News articles, I am, at the core, a journalist. I do remain unbiased. But as a human being, like pretty much everyone who would read this, I am a sports fan — an Aggie fan in particular.

So, let’s get to it…

I’m sure you’re all aware of Matthew Dellavedova’s game-winning shot in Provo last night.

Would you like to know my first reaction to this? “BYU got Jimmer’d.”

My second reaction was probably a lot like yours. I thought, “Oh, wow! SportsCenter top 10 for sure.”

It took me a while longer to realize that Randy Bennett and the St. Mary’s Gaels are in an elite club where hoops in the State of Utah are concerned — The Gaels are the only team to beat both a Stew Morrill-coached team and a Dave Rose-coached team twice in both the Spectrum and the Marriott, respectively. No other coach on a collegiate basketball court can say that.

I’m also pretty sure he’s the only coach during the joint Morrill-Rose era to win in Logan and Provo in the same season.

Additionally, if my memory serves me correctly (I might be wrong), the only coach to even get more than one win in the Spectrum during the Stew Morrill era besides Randy Bennett is Dave Rose. (Stat check me!)

UPDATED: I was wrong. Dave Rose has never won in the Spectrum. He’s only played vs. USU in Logan twice, largely due to the years when Rose refused to play in Logan. I still am not sure if anyone else has won at least two games in the Spectrum against the Aggies in the Stew Morrill era, but I seriously doubt it.

This morning, Dellavedova and St. Mary’s get a tip of the hat from this Aggie.

That being said, let’s all take a moment and geek out all over again over “The Dunk.” I’ll wait while you watch the video…

Ok, welcome back!

With that loss last night, BYU is looking all the more beatable. Meanwhile, USU is looking like they’re hitting their stride. Thirteen wins in a row is no small task, folks, no matter what league you play in.

Looking forward, I’m not naive to the fact that tonight’s game against NMSU in Las Cruces is virtually the best, most challenging regular season WAC matchup to date, and that Stew Morrill’s team will really have to play clutch against the NewMags to win, but let’s just say this:

If USU wins tonight’s game, I’m thinking a win in Provo come February will look that much less challenging. At that point, I’d give the Aggies a five point edge…

Peace out, Aggies. Stay Classy.


  1. Richie King

    I’m pretty sure Rose has only won one game in Logan, 27-1 against in-state opponents. I might need to be stat checked on that one.

  2. Landon Hemsley

    Thanks for the comments. I indeed was wrong. Rose has never won in Logan. I think the Utes are the only in-state team to win there (but then again, I might be wrong again. I haven’t looked it up.)

    • Bryan

      Well I think even Weber State has won in the Spectrum, but maybe 50 years ago. BYU won in like, 2001, and Utah won back in the 90’s. It was still a cool article. Thanks

      • Landon Hemsley

        That’s why I qualified it with “During the Stew Morrill era” in the piece… Thanks for the feedback

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