Losing Matt Ah You

Former BYU linebacker Matt Ah You was expected to be a key contributor at USU this fall as a veteran presence and a leader.

But after a nagging shoulder injury has kept him from being a part of many practices, the decision was made late last week to end his season and career.

“We lost Matt with a shoulder injury. He is not going to be here. Yesterday the decision was made, we sat down with his wife and family,” USU coach Gary Andersen said. “The doctors have done everything that could be done, but the bottom line is we wanted him to have a shoulder to would allow him to throw a ball with his kid. We did not want to put him in a position that would hamper the rest of his life. He is not going to be with us, when I say that I hope that he is here at every game. I hope he is part of this football team because obviously I want him to be apart of this team and I believe he wants to be apart of this team.”

Without Ah You, the Aggies are shuffling the two-deep a bit and sliding a couple of players into the linebacking corps from safety.

“That puts a little bit more uncertainty to the linebacker position. We did move two players, Joey Schrader will play linebacker and Gavin Jones will play full-time linebacker,” Andersen said. “Those are two guys that are 205 pounds right now. Hopefully they are eating as we speak to keep them moving in the right direction. That will help solidify the position. They are both smart kids they haven’t played a lot of linebacker but or scheme will protect them a little bit.”

Matching up physically is a concern, especially against some of the bigger opponents like this week’s foe, Oklahoma.

“We are going to be undersized to say the least at the linebacker position. Especially once we get past Bobby (Wagner) and (Kyle) Gallagher, and Junior (Keiaho). Those first three linebackers are not undersized. They are good-sized kids. When we get to Gavin and Joey we definitely will not be as big. Reuben (Willis) is a stout kid, but he isn’t real tall and Jake Doughty has had a nice camp. A lot of youth that is a bit undersized, but they can run,” Andersen said. “I love our kids and they are going to play extremely hard. It is similar to our defensive front. We definitely function at lower weight. We can’t take our guys and make them 290 pounds at defensive tackle or we would have kids that couldn’t move. That is not who we are so we have to adjust the scheme around that. That comes with a lot of responsibility for the young men that play on defense.”

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