Time to panic at Utah State

With the defections of Fresno State and Nevada to the Mountain West, the Western Athletic Conference — and USU in particular — should be in full panic mode.

The WAC, now losing three teams in the last month or two, is a 6-team league with no top-to-bottom strong programs and a few that are hanging by a thread in many ways.

Utah State, even with its football team that finished just 4-8 a year ago, is suddenly the strongest overall program in the WAC.

BYU, which has been rumored to be joining the WAC in all sports except football, will certainly pause in that decision and may take a step back from that plan. Utah State, which just Wednesday morning was giddy about the prospects of being in a conference with BYU, now has to question its own future.

In my opinion, the best (and perhaps only) hope for the Aggies is that BYU reconsiders its plan to go independent in football and join the WAC or West Coast Conference in other sports. The best-case scenario may, ultimately, be that BYU decides to stay put and lobbies for USU to join the MWC to make it a 12-team conference.

That, as Aggie fans will quickly note, is an extreme long shot.

If Utah State is unable to find a home in the Mountain West, the options are limited. The Sun Belt has already been tried and Conference USA is not likely to see the Logan/SLC market as a fit it wants to reach for.

Stay tuned for news coming out of Logan. These are tenuous times at Utah State.

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