Backup QB battle rages on

Diondre Borel is, without a question, the starting quarterback at Utah State. But Aggie coach Gary Andersen has already started grooming his replacement — he just doesn’t know exactly who that person is.

“The back-up quarterback position is going to be very interesting, as we go through, Jeff Fischer continues to get some snaps, the real fight right now is going to between Jeremy Higgins and Alex Hart,” Andersen said Wednesday. “It is early on but they have only had three practices but when you look at a quarterback, things don’t change that much when they get into full pads, and it is going to be an interesting battle.”

Fischer will step in first, if Borel goes down with an injury. But as the season progresses and the youngsters learn the offense and mature, Andersen said the focus will be on 2011 and beyond.

“They both have their positives and negatives that show up here and there but that is going to go deep into camp,” he said. “The plan will be to redshirt the one who doesn’t win that battle.”

That does not mean Fischer, a senior, will never see the field.

“Fischer will be there, he will get snaps. Fischer is definitely going to be with us, he is an important part of the team,” Andersen said. “He definitely going to travel, he knows the offense but we feel like we need to give the reps to the young kids to give them an opportunity to see how it all filters out at the end. I think that they are both very talented kids.”

Right now, Andersen wouldn’t hint regarding which true freshman is leading the battle but acknowledged whoever does eventually step up will then have a big advantage in the future.

“I would say he (the quarterback who wins the battle) has a leg up because he is going to get all the reps and the other guy is going down to the scout team,” Andersen said. “The other guy is not going to be with us all the time, and he is going to be the Oklahoma quarterback and the Fresno State quarterback and what have you, so that will be a different environment for him. He would come in behind and see how much ground he can make up in spring football. But they will get equal reps in spring ball.”

Check back later today for a bundle of news and notes from the first few days of camp.

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