Heslip: An Aggie or a Hoya?

Brady Heslip has trimmed the list of schools he is considering to just two, with one a surprise late entrant in the sweepstakes to earn his services.

In a phone call with the Deseret News Thursday morning, Heslip said he has taken Oregon and Boise State off his list and it’s now down to just Utah State and Georgetown.

“Utah State, right now, is at the top of my list,” Heslip said. “But Georgetown has been calling me and wants to try to set up a visit.”

There are no plans, not even tentative, for that visit at this point, though. And with the National Letter of Intent signing period having expired Heslip’s recruiting could easily last all summer long. But he told the Deseret News he is a little tired of the drama and does not want to drag it out much longer.

“I want to make a decision as soon as possible after the dead period ends,” Heslip said. “So, basically, I’m focusing only on those two schools right now.”

The decision, he said, most likely will not be made until at least May 29.

Georgetown has obvious appeal. The Hoyas are a Top 10 team virtually every season and playing in the prestigious Big East Conference, fairly close to Heslip’s home near Toronto, Canada. But getting playing time at a school like Georgetown might be difficult.

Heslip, however, said he’s not worried about that.

“Wherever I go, when I get there it’s going to be hard to earn playing time,” Heslip said. “I understand that and that’s what I want. I’m not going anywhere with the promise of playing time. When I get there, I’m going to work hard and do my best to get out on the floor.”

Utah State is replacing starting point guard Jared Quayle and Heslip would be fighting for playing time with previously-signed Brockeith Pane and James Walker. Georgetown’s backcourt is loaded with experienced players and Heslip said he understood he’d have a better chance to earn minutes as a freshman with USU.

That, he said, will weigh into his decision. So, too, will the winning traditions, style of play and academics at both schools.

“It’s going to be a combination of all those things,” he said. “I want the best fit.”

That Utah State is a finalist for the Boston College transfer’s services is a good sign for the Aggies. Heslip said he has been impressed with USU’s coaching staff and their patience.

“That’s been a big part of it all,” he said, explaining he removed some schools from his list of options because they were pressing him too hard to commit right away. “Utah State has been very patient and I really appreciate that. They’ve let me take some time to think things over.”
Heslip, who has previously visited Oregon and Boise State and has also said he wanted to make his commitment earlier than this, said he’s now trying to make the most informed and wise decision.

“I’m not shopping myself around and I don’t have people doing that for me,” he said. “Georgetown got in touch with me almost as soon as I got my release from Boston College. They recruited me before and so they wanted to see if I was still interested in them. I think their offense is really good for me, they’re in the Big East and it’s a really good academic school.”

He echoed the same sentiments about Utah State’s offensive system and winning tradition. He also said that because Georgetown has not yet made an official scholarship offer and Utah State has, the Aggies are officially his first choice at the time, but he wants to see what develops with Georgetown.

A source close to the USU basketball team said they would love to sign Heslip and see him as a player, along with Walker, the Aggies can build a formidable 4-year guardline around while Pane provides immediate experience and help at the point.

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