Heslip decision soon?

Utah State basketball coaches, not to mention fans, are eagerly waiting to hear where Brady Heslip will go to college.

The 6-foot-2 combo guard from Canada is a freshman transferring from Boston College and just completed a recruiting visit to Oregon on the heels of a visit to Logan where he checked out the Aggie program.

Contacted by text message on Monday, Heslip had a short-but-sweet reply to describe the time spent in Eugene.

“It was decent,” he said.

Read into that what you want. Doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement of the Oregon trip, but not a big thumbs down, either.

In a follow-up text message, Heslip listed his top choices and another candidate.

“Boise State and USU are close ties,” Heslip said. “I may visit Vermont.”

A source close to the USU basketball team told the Deseret News on Monday that Aggie coach Stew Morrill is still hopeful Heslip will chose Utah State’s scholarship offer.

“I don’t think that will be his choice,” the source said of Oregon. “We may have to worry about Providence. It’s got the close-to-home factor.”

Heslip has been making the rounds this spring after unexpectedly being released from his scholarship at Boston College when the Eagles changed coaches.

He’s visited Boise State, Utah State and now Oregon and may make a quick trip to Rhode Island to check out the Big East Friars.

Those looking for more insight into Heslip’s decision may find a glimpse into his mindset by reading his online statements.

“Basketball is suppose to be pure,” Heslip wrote on twitter early Sunday before returning to Boston — perhaps taking a dig at the $200-plus million basketball Taj Mahal just built in Eugene.

“they never holler,” he wrote on Saturday.

The source at Utah State said the coaching staff knows Providence is in the mix, but hopes to have the edge even against a Big East program.

“I didn’t think he was serious about them,” the source said. “He told us we were ahead of them.”

Wherever Utah State is on Heslip’s list, coaches from several programs that have offered scholarships to the sharp-shooting guard hope the decision comes soon.

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