Stew's bad mood

Friday night’s loss at Long Beach State left USU hops coach Stew Morrill a little testy.

And not just because of the score or the gact his team has dropped to 6-4 overall.

No, Morrill is angry with his team because he doesn’t see effort.

“They hold up a sign in the Spectrum sometimes that says ‘Stew is pissed,’ ” Morrill said of his mood during Sunday’s practice and film session with the team. “I think that about covers it.”

Morrill said he didn’t have enough time to adequately go over the film from Long Beach with his team. Monday’s game against Morehead State in the Basketball Travelers Invitational prevented that — Morrill had to move forward rather than spend too much time dwelling on the past with his team.

But he certainly wanted to go play by play through the game film and drive the point home.

“I’ve always believed that when you play like crap you should have to watch it,” Morrill said. “If I had more time, we’d have watch every friggin possession.”

The Aggies clearly need to sharpen up their game. Four losses doesn’t sound like a lot, but with the WAC season right around the corner, USU has to start shooting better, defending better and simply being a better basketball team.

The next three days will speak volumes about if Morrill’s message was heard.

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