Romney's not so full today

A couple of weeks ago Utah State’s Romney Stadium was near capacity when the Aggies hosted Southern Utah — no matter what the ‘official’ attendance numbers said.

Today, with conference rival Nevada in town, Romney’s looking pretty empty.

There’s a few reasons for that.

1: It’s fall break at USU and a lot of students have returned home to mom and dad to have their laundry washed and to eat a couple of home-cooked meals.

2: The Utah deer hunt just opened. Instead of wearing Aggie Blue in the stands, thousands of fans are wearing blaze orange while hiking around the hills in search of Bambi.

3: Last week’s embarrassing 20-17 loss at New Mexico State made a lot of people question whether spending four hours watching the Aggies is really a good way to spend the afternoon.

The day is perfect for football. We’ve got mild temperatures, minimal wind and two potentially explosive offenses. I’m prediciting almost 1,000 yards of total offense and about 80 points on the scoreboard.

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