Will the 19-1 Aggies be ranked?

Let’s throw some facts out.

Utah State has won 14 games in a row. The Aggies have the second-longest win streak in the country, have won all eight of their road games this season and own the second longest home-court win streak in the country.

The question is this: Will Utah State be ranked on Monday when the new Top 25 polls are released.

Most 19-1 teams would have no trouble getting ranked. But playing in the relative information vacuum that is the WAC and Cache Valley, the Aggies are still a little bit of a secret to most voters.

But 19 wins will be pretty hard not to notice these days. But USU simply can’t move up if teams ranked higher than them don’t move down.

Here’s a look at what has happened to help, and hurt, the Aggies in their quest to be ranked.

Four teams (Florida, Minnesota, Notre Dame and Villanova) lost games this week and are currently ranked near the bottom of the latest Associated Press Top 25. Baylor and California were not ranked by the AP but had more votes than USU. They also ohad losses this week. That helps the Aggies.

Hurting the Aggies is that they still have a suspect strength of schedule and, perhaps for that reason more than any other, are not the darlings they should be.

USU has a SOS of 225 according to CBSSports.com. St. Mary’s — a ranked team with a similar 18-1 record — checks at 245. But only one other team in the top 50 of the RPI, has a SOS higher than 111.

Still, if St. Mary’s can be ranked No. 22 by the coaches, Utah State will likely see a lot more love this week.

Will it be enough to move all the way from No. 29 in the coaches poll and No. 35 in the AP poll into the top 25?

We’ll find out on Monday.

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