Hitting the home turf

Gary Andersen is a busy, busy man.

Not only is the new Utah State football coach keeping himself involved on a moderate level with the Utah football team, he is working the connections he established with the Utes to find the next wave of Aggies.

With news getting out over the last couple of days that four Beehive State high schoolers will sign with Andersen and the Aggies in February, it should more than apparent that there is a new recruiting philosophy coming out of Logan.

No longer will Utah State ignore the state until the last minute and then take whatever is leftover after BYU and Utah are done chosing the best. While the Aggies and Andersen will still have a hard time beating the Utes or Cougars for the best high school talent in the state — USU’s gotta win a lot more than three games a year for that to happen — it shows there will be an effort to locate and recruit Utahns as much as possible.

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