Calls for Guy's job will certainly intensify

Can you hear it already? The questions? The concerns? The continued cries to get rid of Utah State football coach Brent Guy?
Utah State, which won just two games last year, had the most players from any state school taken in the NFL Draft, which was held last Saturday and Sunday.
Guard Shawn Murphy was taken in the fourth round by the Miami Dolphins and kick returner/wide receiver Kevin Robinson was taken in the sixth round by the Kansas City Chiefs.
BYU had one player selected in Bryan Kehl, who went in the fourth round to the New York Giants and Weber State had one in offensive lineman David Hale, who went in the fourth round to the Baltimore Ravens, while the Utes didn’t have anyone selected.
Since, both BYU and Utah have had players sign free-agent contracts.
If you really wanted to split hairs, Utah’s Steve Tate and BYU’s Kelly Poppinga, who both signed free-agent deals, started their careers at Utah State before electing to transfer.
So, how can Utah State win just two games when it had more players taken in the draft?
Well, the answer is easy: The sum of the Aggies’ parts didn’t make up a very good whole, while the sum of the parts at BYU and Utah made up a very good whole. Thus BYU finished 11-2 overall and Utah 9-4, while Utah State was just 2-10.
Of Murphy, Robinson, Poppinga and Tate, the latter three were recruits of former Utah State football coach Mick Dennehy.
In three seasons Guy has just six wins, and if the Aggies don’t show measured improvement 2008 could very well be his last, even though he would have one more year left on his contract.
There was no doubt former Utah State athletic director Randy Spetman was fully in Guy’s corner and wasn’t going to fire him any time soon. No one really knows what new AD Scott Barnes has in mind for the direction in which he wants to take with the football program and whether it is with or without Guy. I’m sure by now Barnes has received numerous telephone calls, e-mails, anonymous letters and has been hit up at the grocery store by people telling him how to run the football program and told he won’t receive any money from the community unless Guy is out.
Funny. That was the same thing said about Dennehy, and the money dripped in since he was fired in midseason in 2004.
The athletic department did raise the bar with the addition of the new North Endzone Facility, but it still isn’t totally finished because Spetman couldn’t squeeze out an additional $2 million to complete it.
Now that’s left in Barnes’ lap.
Guy has said time and time again that his team needs to win games to attract fans and gain credibility in the Western Athletic Conference. He also knows his job and the jobs of his assistants hang on it as well.
He’s asked people to stick by him as he develops his players.
He is in the fourth year of his five-year plan. ?His? players are now juniors and now it is time for his players to step up. They won their final two games last year and have more depth than they have had in the time Guy has been there.
It’s great the Aggies had two players selected, but it goes without saying that Guy would rather have a better whole with a more competitive sum of parts.

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