Murphy will soon learn his football fate

There was a time when it was uncertain if Shawn Murphy would continue with his football career.
Ricks College dropped football when he was on his LDS Church Mission in Brazil, and he wavered on whether or not he would play again.
With the help and encouragement of his father, Dale, Shawn took up the game again after taking a season off.
He played one year at Dixie State and then finished his career at Utah State where he started every game (24) on the offensive line.
Murphy’s career is again in uncertainly, but not the same type of uncertainly as he faced three years ago. The question isn’t whether he’ll play in the NFL, it’s with which team.
Murphy, 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, will find out this weekend. He is projected by many prognosticators to go in the middle to late rounds of the NFL Draft.
“(Football) was an option (three years ago) but it was a pretty small option,” Murphy said. “It wasn’t until last spring when I was heading into my senior year and moved to guard. I feel my game improved by leaps and bounds in one year of playing Div. I football, and having a coach that was willing to help me.”
Murphy, 25, has only three years of offensive line experience, and he believes that is a positive.
“I feel personally that it’s the fact that I have a big upside,” he said. “In the space of one year I have made vast improvement and still have room to improve. I’m relatively new at the position and I feel I have improved from game-to-game.”
Murphy will be at his parents’ home this week, and he isn’t planning on watching the draft on TV. He said he will occupy his time with other things and wait for the phone call.
Scouts came calling during spring drills in 2007 and interest continued during the fall with one or two scouts a week attending practice to watch not only Murphy, but wide receiver Kevin Robinson.
Murphy excelled at the NFL Combine and Pro Day at Utah State, and has put himself in position.
“I would watch film and still see a lot of problems with my game, but I could see myself improving and to see that I had the potential to make the NFL a reality,” he said. “I have natural ability and talent, but it hasn’t been refined yet.”
He will find out Saturday or Sunday, who is going to be will to tap into and develop that talent.
“I know there’s a long, hard road ahead of me and that becoming a successful professional athlete requires more than talent and hard work. I know that it requires being given the right opportunity at the right time,” he said in his journal hosted by the Associated Press earlier this month..
“In a few weeks, I’ll surrender myself to the chaos of the NFL draft. The way I see it, if you’re not a guaranteed first- or second-round pick then your future is up in the air. I don’t have time to sit back and wonder what analysts or sportswriters or fans are saying about where I’ll be picked or what my future in the NFL looks like.”

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