RB Flores catching eye of Utah State coaches

Redshirt freshman Josh Flores has a lot stacked up against him when he lines up in the Utah State backfield.
He’s just 5-foot-4 and and weighs 155 pounds, but the Logan High product has the heart of a lion and that is catching the attention of Utah State head football coach Brent Guy.
In Friday’s scrimmage Flores took nearly all the snaps while running backs Curtis Marsh, Jacob Actkinson and Derrvin Speight watched him work.
“We’ve got some guys, especially at the running back position, where (they should be) fighting for a job and we’re not seeing as much out of them as we can,” he said, with the exception of Flores.
“Josh Flores was our best guy today, and we love him but he’s not very big,” he continued. “He made some plays but we have to have more than one even if he was the guy.”
While Guy praised Flores’ heart, he questioned the heart of others.
“We’re nicked up, but that was my talk after practice, you have to learn to play with pain,” he said. “Right now, I don’t see enough guys fighting through stuff and I told them that.”
Speight was the Aggies’ top rusher last year with 504 yards and three touchdowns, while Marsh was third with 302 yards, and Actkinson was fifth with 86 yards.
“Everybody got nicked up today ‘ shoulders, ankles and after a while guys were trying to come in but Josh was doing so good the coaches made a point and basically left Josh in the rest of practice,” Guy said. “That’s the point we were making: Don’t think that we’re going to play guys that aren’t going to do expect of them and tell them what to do. We’re going to find the 64 guys that will execute and do what is expected and believe they’re going to win in the fourth quarter.”
As a team the Aggies rushed for 124.9 yards per game last season.
PUNTER FOR HIRE: For now sophomore Peter Caldwell is the Aggies’ punter and kicker, but if Guy had his druthers, Caldwell will kick only.
For the last two years, Leon Jackson III doubled as the quarterback and punter, but with his graduation, the Aggies need a punter, and for now that is falling on Caldwell.
He didn’t do to badly last year by averaging 41.2 yards per punt in just four punts. He had a long of 58 yards and dropped one inside the 20.
“(Special) teams-wise we’re in about as good of shape as we have ever been in with the exception of punting. Peter is working on his punting and improving on it, but that’s the position I’m actually nervous about,” Guy said. “With four scholarships (left) if we find one there’s a chance we might take one if we can find one that can make a difference.”

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