Is Carroll turning into the league's bad-boy?

Chalk it up to his competitiveness or urgency because his college career is coming to a close or frustration for being scratched, grabbed, pulled, held and hit nearly every trip down the floor, but admittedly, Jaycee Carroll has been a little on edge lately.
“There has been some stress, I’ll tell you what,” said Carroll, who was named the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year Sunday. “I’ve been really determined to finish out my senior year in a really positive manner and this week really help.”
The Aggies (23-9, 12-4) entered last week with three conference games, and if they ran the table with wins over Fresno State, Boise State and Idaho, they would share the WAC title for the first time ever, and earn the No. 1 seed to the this week’s WAC Tournament.
They did just that.
“I’ve been on edge a little and a lot quicker to get angry,” he said.
We’re not talking Stew Morrill-type angry. We’re talk shoot-, shucks-, darn-type anger.
Saturday night, in Utah State’s 78-58 victory over Idaho, clean-cut and soft spoken Carroll was whistled for his first technical foul ever in his final regular-season game of his career.
“That’s not my fault. I’m not taking credit for that one,” said Morrill, who was T’ed up for the second time this year and second time in 10 years Thursday night at Boise State. “I guarantee I earned mine more than he earned his.”
We – the media – were sitting not 20 feet away from Carroll when he got T’ed up with 14:09 left against the Vandals and the Aggies leading by 22. (We were 10 feet away from when the play occurred, though, and would agree totally with Carroll’s assessment).
We didn’t hear a word. Maybe the official read his lips.
In all fairness, Carroll had a right to become a little upset. An Idaho player barreled over Stephen DuCharme, who was setting a screen for Carroll in the corner as he has spotting up for a three-pointer.
The defender, after getting through DuCharme (right in front of the official, I might add), and raked Carroll’s arm. The ball went out of bounds. Adding insult to near injury, the official gave the ball to the Vandals. Carroll walked away and, he was noticeably upset. He whispered something, and bam! A technical.
“I said nothing more than ‘What are you watching?’ That’s it – maybe with an exclamation point at the end. That’s my first lifetime technical in anything,” Carroll said. “You might say I lost my cool or something (but) the kid grabbed my arm.”
(I think Carroll is more upset about being tagged with a turnover than the technical).
I’m sure he’s used to the no-calls by now. Something like that has happened in nearly every game in his stellar four-year career, and I’m sure it will continue to happen. The officials are letting teams get away with it and that will probably continue to happen as well.
Earlier in the week, Carroll shot an airball. An airball? When has Carroll ever shot an airball? (I think I have seen one in four years). If Carroll, the best three-pointer shooter in the nation, fires up an airball, it’s probably a foul.
I would say I have seen that happen at least 10 times without a call.
All that aside, Carroll, who is behind Tai Welsey for the team lead in technicals, is having a little fun with it.
“Now I’ve got this bad-boy persona, so I might need to smile a little extra to the refs as we start next game,” he quipped.

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