Occasionally, I get a little breathing room at work, but not much. It’s during those moments when I get to explore what my colleagues at other publications are producing, how they’re interacting with their readership, achieving what I aspire to, etc. One of those opportunities presented itself to me yesterday. I came across an ESPN Pac-12 blog in which Kevin Gemmell asked his readers to tell him who … Continue reading»

Remember in January when Cache Valley was going nuts with how incredibly awesome the Aggie football team was? Wasn’t that awesome? One of the most enjoyable parts of working where I do is deciding who gets to work during what athletic events. Long story short, there was no way I was going to be anywhere other than at my desk handling Aggie football stories when USU played in … Continue reading»

The morning after…

How about last night’s game! What a contest! What a dogfight! BYU definitely got more than they bargained for last night with that one. Here’s a few thoughts after going back through the game in my mind and looking through the stats. What a way for USU to claw their way back into that game. You have to imagine that flashes of the St. Mary’s game were fresh … Continue reading»

Pumped for the game tonight

Tonight’s matchup between BYU and USU obviously is the place to be for this Aggie tonight. It also obviously as high-stakes as some of the matchups during the last five years. Had you asked me 3 weeks ago, I would have said that BYU would wipe the floor with the Aggies. With Medlin and Reed injured and BYU rolling, I would have said no way. Then the Dellevadaggar. … Continue reading»

NewMags at it again, and Pac-12 MWC challenge?

Morning, Aggieland! Here’s three items you’ll probably want to take notice of if you haven’t already… 1. New Mexico State players in the thick of it… again Most Aggies remember the legal escapades of New Mexico State guard Jahmar Young. He was arrested and accused of attacking a police officer in 2010 and also was accused of exposing himself to a female student on the NMSU campus in 2007. … Continue reading»

Four straight losses, but it’s not so bad…

Well, it’s happened. After winning their first five WAC contests, USU has dropped four straight. The Aggies are now a middle-of-the-pack team with only eight available players. It’s the first time that Utah State has lost four in a row. The world has come to an end, right? Not if you believe in what Stew had to say, which I do. I was at the LA Tech game. … Continue reading»

And then there were eight…

I almost feel weird sitting at my desk this morning. No breaking news. No unbearable stress. What a change of pace from last week, when we had five major stories break in Sports in the space of two and a half days. But the week isn’t over yet… We’ll see how this one goes. Obviously, I learned MedlinSanity officially became a passing trend for the 2012-13 hoops season … Continue reading»

Sunday Recruiting (and Denver)

Wow, what a Saturday we had at the Deseret News. We had four games for the four Utah hoops squads. Mad props to Whitney O’Bannon for her work managing the stories and getting everything just how it needed to be. My team here is a little bit stretched recently, and she really stepped up to the plate. For those of you who may not know Whitney, she’s a … Continue reading»

Confidence is a fleeting thing…

In what I hope to become a regular thing here at the Aggies DNews blog, I’m going to make something of a generic statement on the state of the site as well as what our outstanding team has been focusing on. Given the news from all this last week, this shouldn’t be surprising. The whole Manti Te’o thing is really crazy. Normally, I would struggle to believe that … Continue reading»